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Image by Lauren Mancke
  • Russian Review, Review of Chronicle of the Left Hand: An American Black Family’s Story from Slavery to Russia’s Hollywood by James Lloydovich Patterson.  

  • East-West Journal of Ukrainian Studies, Vol 6, no 1 (2019)

    • Book Review, Total Wars and the Making Modern Ukraine, 1914-1954 by George O Liber (March 2019)

  • East-West Journal of Ukrainian Studies, Vol 4, no 2 (2017)

    • Book Review, Jewish City or Inferno of Russian Israel? A History of the Jews in Kiev before February 1917 by Victoria Khiterer (September 2017)



  • "Black Skin in the 'Colorless' Soviet Union: African American Experience and Identity Construction in the USSR" in Red Migrations: Marxism and Mobility after 1917 (University of Toronto Press).

  • "The American Blacks: Soviet Travelers on Jim Crow America"

  • Russian Imperial Innocence (Cambridge University Press)


Image by Debby Hudson
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