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I am a historian of the Soviet Union, Russia, Ukraine, and East Germany. I am a rising fourth-year doctoral candidate (Ph.D.) in History at the University of Pennsylvania.

My dissertation project is an exploration of the form, function, and the multiple understandings of race and Blackness in the Soviet Union and East Germany through the experiences of African Americans and Africans.

My public writing analyzes race, foreign policy, and culture in the United States, Russia, and Ukraine. My writing has been featured in Al Jazeera EnglishMeduzaMSNBC, and Kennan Institute's Russia File.


Photo Credit: Laurence Kesterson.



  • Soviet Nationality Policy

  • Race and Ethnicity in the USSR and GDR

  • Race and Racism in the former-Soviet Union

  • African-American experience in the USSR and Russia

  • Soviet Subjectivity

  • Old Believers in the Russian Empire


University of Pennsylvania, 2020-2027

Ph.D. | History  (M.A. awarded in 2022)

Fields: Soviet Union, Imperial Russia, African American History (post-1877), Race and Blackness (theoretical field)

Harvard University, 2012-2014

M.A. | Regional Studies: Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia

Focus: History and Russian language

Swarthmore College, 2008-2012

B.A. | History

Adams State University, 2017-2019

Graduate-level courses in American history

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