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Kimberly St. Julian-Varnon

I am a historian of Russia, the Soviet Union, and Eurasia. Currently, I am a Ph.D. student in History at the University of Pennsylvania. Before my doctoral studies, I was a community college history professor and secondary teacher. 

My public writing analyzes the linkages of race, foreign policy, and culture in the United States, Russia, and Ukraine.


I currently host the New Books Network Russia and Central Asia channels. I am also a book review editor for H-Ukraine (an H-Net Network). 

You can book me for speaking engagements here.

*Note: I do have openings in Spring 2021. I am not available on Wednesdays this semester.

Photo Credit: Laurence Kesterson

Association for the Study of Nationalities

July 27, 2020

Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute

August 11, 2020


University of Kansas

September 3, 2020


Smoking Under the Tsars

I interview Dr. Tricia Starks about her latest engaging new monograph. She explores the history of tobacco and smoking in the Russian Empire.

A Sacred Space is Never Empty

I interview Dr. Victoria Smolkin about her new monograph which provides a fascinating examination of official Soviet atheism.

Stalinist Perpetrators on Trial

I sat down with Dr. Lynne Viola to discuss her important new monograph that explores the experiences of "perpetrators" during the Great Terror.